Lionel Da Silva (France)


Lionel Da Silva

I am a 26 years old French National.  “Lonchant Breathing Technique” turned out to be more than a technique, a concept … it’s definitely a “life style”. I must admit that I was kind of suspicious concerning those kind of methods.  Not specifically Dominique Lonchant’s, but we all hear a lot (too many???) of things about how to improve our lives by different ways, related to yoga, food, and different therapeutic areas. I first  lost totally  interest , because of too much information.

A friend of mine recommended  “Lonchant’s method”  to learn how to breathe  and it sounded kind of weird at first.” How the way you breathe could  have an impact on your life?”: well, it DEFINITELY can!
The way you breathe can have a impact on your humor, the way you’re feeling, and the way you apprehend the start of the day. 15 minutes of “breathing exercise” in the morning can generate a wonderful energy for the rest of the day.
To sum up, the Lonchant Technique is the easiest way to breathe life.