Our values


Our techniques will help to recalibrate and improve how you breathe through making full use of your thoracic cage.
Once you breathe better your body and in particular, your brain is more infused with oxygen.
This is fundamental to achieve a high level of well-being.
Our breathing exercises are put together in such a way that all can practice them.
They are traditional Pranayama Yoga postures and their practice will give physical benefits for using your thoracic cage more effectively to breathe.
Dominique’s unique knowledge of breathing has allowed us to select the most appropriate exercises.
This is simple.

Respect of individuals

We train your breathing system in the same manner as you would for fitness building exercise such as yoga, cycling, gym or other sporting activities.
Once your breathing system is fully re-trained you keep it maintained with regular practice and then the benefits will follow.
We can have different personal experiences, some will be more spiritual, some will be simply physical and some will be life changing. None of us know in advance.
However, we can state that once you access to this slow and deep Traditional Breathing Techniques, you will keep it for your entire life and live better!

Respect of our planet

We deeply believe that anyone without a proper breathing control is unable to think and act positively according to nature.
Our world has reached its worst chaotic moments because of massive global pollution and life styles that are so far removed from the way of nature, such as in bad health habits and poor breathing. These factors influence how we think and respond.
Superficial breathing will influence the brain in a negative fashion as the brain does not receive enough oxygen and will then transmit wrong messages to the rest of our system.
One of the ways to be better aware of our world around us and to react positively is by healthy breathing.