I had been suffering from sleep-apnea for years. No doctor was really interested in what was often diagnose as a snoring problem. I finally found out that I was allergic to the mercury based filings in my teeth and had them all replaced. But with almost 30 years of blocked nose and difficult breathing, my breathing system was all over the place. Dominique’s 15 postures of “Breathing For a Better Life” was a revelation. Relief was immense and immediate.

For the last four years, I practice regularly my 15 postures as well as some of the rhythmic breathing. Some people go for a weekly jog and I prefer to do my breathing exercises! The changes are amazing and persistent. I feel stronger, energized and anxiety has disappeared. This was a life changing experience. I can only recommend this self-learning course to anyone concerned by their well-being and who wants to rediscover the power of breathing properly. Thank you Dominique!

Pascale Robinet

When I started practicing the breathing exercises, I really felt I was discovering my full breathing range and potential. With it came a sense of being able to push my physical boundaries as well as psychological. Suddenly in my life, more things were possible and felt within reach.

I had the luck to benefit directly from Dominique’s advises as I was preparing to speak in front of a conference of 150 people. I needed to boost my confidence. In two hours, the result was amazing, I didn’t need to force my force to be heard and this simply made me more confident. On top of that, I had a great time.

My name is Monique Moyon and I am a 72 years pensioner. I practice yoga for 10 years and I have never breath so well. I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkable opening of my thoracic cage and how it improved my breathing. Despite the contusion, I had a superb night sleep following the first practice with Dominique. I continued practicing daily. I enjoy practicing the mudras  which help me with some stomach pain following some surgery. I am ever so grateful to Dominique for his teaching.

Norensha Sahari

I am a High School English Teacher in an International School in Malaysia and a singer. When I started practicing with Dominique,  I was able to perform in a highly intense musical, singing while dancing without panting or going out of breath. I could even sing notes I never thought before possible! Simply amazing.

Lionel Da Silva

I am a 26 years old French National.  “Lonchant Breathing Technique” turned out to be more than a technique, a concept … it’s definitely a “life style”. I must admit that I was kind of suspicious concerning those kind of methods.  Not specifically Dominique Lonchant’s, but we all hear a lot (too many???) of things about how to improve our lives by different ways, related to yoga, food, and different therapeutic areas. I first  lost totally  interest , because of too much information.

A friend of mine recommended  “Lonchant’s method”  to learn how to breathe  and it sounded kind of weird at first.” How the way you breathe could  have an impact on your life?”: well, it DEFINITELY can!
The way you breathe can have a impact on your humor, the way you’re feeling, and the way you apprehend the start of the day. 15 minutes of “breathing exercise” in the morning can generate a wonderful energy for the rest of the day.
To sum up, the Lonchant Technique is the easiest way to breathe life.
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Alexandre Inguenaud

It actually took me a while to put into practice what Dominique taught me. I was always postponing to the next day, even when Dominique demonstrated his technique for the first time, I felt better instantly. Relaxed, calm and peaceful. However at first I told myself I wouldn’t have the time to do this.

2 months passed, and something was missing in my life. I met up with Dominique again. He asked me if I was practicing his method. When I answered no, he’s been very comprehensive and we started to practice together again.

It’s been 4 years since then, and I have been practicing every day. I take 20 minutes in the morning before I go to work. My work can be very stressful but I manage it better now. Relationships with my friends has been easier, I have been healthy and never take medicines, except occasional aspirin. Dominique taught me how to control my body, be in peace with myself and the world around me.

Meeting my teacher was something truly unique in my life, and I wish that others may enjoy the same feeling. It’s more than just a method when you meet Dominique; it’s a new way of life. You perceive things from the outside world differently, and you learn to appreciate things for what they really are.

Thank you for your time Mr Lonchant. I wouldn’t be where I am without you, I mean it, thank you.

Jacqui Tong

Jacqui Tong

I am originally from New Zealand but now live in Switzerland. I started my working life as a registered nurse then moved to working in the emergency medical sector for the medical-humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). It is physically and psychologically very demanding work and over the years I have sought the means to maintain good health and to try to repair some of the wounds and scratches I have taken both to my body and my psyche. Not to my credit is that despite being rather fit and healthy, I have been a smoker for many years.

I was introduced to the teachings of Dominique through a friend and then started his short breathing programme. This was during a period whereby I was borderline ‘burn out’ from a tough assignment in Pakistan that knocked the stuffing out of me together with some personal dramas. I have done yoga on and off for many years so the postures were not new for me and as I have a scientific background I am of the mind of – let me see the proof! I am also a serious swimmer so have learnt the art of breath control for distance swimming to maintain stamina.

The manner of breathing is somewhat different and subtle. Since I have started this programme I have noticed a major difference to how well I sleep – I am a bit of an insomniac. I have stopped smoking and in general have gained a better sense of well-being. I am also far more aware of my breathing in general and in particular how shallow it can become when anxious or fearful. I am now at the stage of slow breathing when I feel like that I can feel my heart rate slow and with that the anxiety and fears diminish. It is not magic and you have to do the work but it is well worth the effort.

I did only 1 session of the Lonchant Breathing Technique with Dominique. At that time, I felt refreshed but nothing out of the ordinary. However, the funny thing was that, I went hiking with my friends the very next day. Guess what? I felt so refreshed and energetic. I hiked up the hill effortlessly and extremely fast. A few of my friends who are of the same fitness level as me normally could not keep up with me and I was astounded. I credit it to the Lonchant Breathing Technique I learnt the day before. It was superb. I don’t feel as tired as I use to after a long hike. This is only after 1 session of breathing. Amazing!!

I can say that practising yoga improved my posture tremendously. I can do more aerobic type bending. I have more stamina when it comes to activities like basketball or jogging. The breathing exercise also helps a lot in letting me accomplish my long runs.

Dominique Lonchant is a yoga master with a rare spirituality. Not only is he a yoga teacher, but also an intuitive psychologist who has the ability to alleviate the sufferings of those with health and spiritual problems.

In this case, Dominique has also been able to free me of a five-year-old insomnia. I believe his years of training in India have enabled him to acquire the full control of Human Being’s integration, which is the supreme objective of Yoga.

Dominique reveals the qualities of a mystic coming back to the world and society, with the unique ability to serve others.