Christian Bergner

This breathing techniques has helped me stop smoking 10 years ago. Since then a regular practice keeps me calm and compose which is essential for my work. The Lonchant Techniques is now fully part of my well being routine and life.

Joanne Kam

My relationship with Dominique Lonchant and breathing started in 2006 and since then I have use his techniques in almost all of my productions. His techniques and exercises have helped me and my fellow actors tremendously especially in voice projection. His methods have assist us in other areas of concentration as well and gave us a new sense of awareness that translate to better focus and even delivery not only for the ‘stage’ but also in our daily lives.

Norensha Sahari

I am a High School English Teacher in an International School in Malaysia and a singer. When I started practicing with Dominique,  I was able to perform in a highly intense musical, singing while dancing without panting or going out of breath. I could even sing notes I never thought before possible! Simply amazing.

Albin Ljungpvist

For a singer the ability to breath properly is crucial.

As a professional singer I have been starring as lead singer in more than 1200 shows over the last 10 years. I would recommend everybody who are using the voice as their working tool to take a closer look at The Lonchant Breathing Technique. The benefits of the technique includes a stronger, healthier and most of all more powerful voice. You will experience a stronger support, a more powerful airflow and an ability to use the voice more freely during movement.

Nicoline Siff Moller, onlinebreathing, Lonchant technique

Nicoline Siff Moller

I had the great pleasure to meet Dominique in 2010, as I was introduced to his “breathing art” through a colleague.

And it is truly an art! Dominique is a soulful, intense, strong and heeling coach in his world of breathing. It is the one thing we all do all the time – it can be so complicated and yet it is so simple. I’ve joined the magic of true breath, and Dominique has given me the tools I need to find my physical base and inner balance, in my work as a professional singer and actress. Physical base gives me strength and energy, and inner balance gives me the power to believe.

This might sound a bit religious, but it’s only facts and experiences. And it’s very healthy too! Till now, I’ve been able to follow 3 workshops.

The benefits of the Lonchant Breathing Technique to my work increase my energy levels, my focus and my feeling of wellbeing.
I highly recommend The Lonchant Breathing Technique as I have learned: to be more aware of my current state of being, to understand that I can affect it and the technique is simple.
These are very powerful tools to have access to on a daily basis.