Breathing for a better life

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The Lonchant technique program “Breathing for A Better Life” is an online self-learning course.

It is the signature program of Dominique Lonchant who has been teaching breathing for over 30 years.

The objectives of this course are:

  • to help re-format the thoracic cage
  • to restore a better balance and usage of the three level of breathings as define in the ancient art of pranayama yoga: upper-chest, middle chest and lower chest breathing.

It is easy to achieve through the regular practice of 15 specific postures. Dominique has chosen these positions based on his many years experience of working with people of all walks of life to improve their breathing but also because they are accessible to all. Although these positions are inspired from yoga, they are very easy and accessible for all to learn, even through an online self learning course, even for non-yoga practitioners.

A friend of mine recommended  “Lonchant’s method”  to learn how to breathe  and it sounded kind of weird at first.” How the way you breathe could  have an impact on your life?”: well, it DEFINITELY can! 15 minutes of “breathing exercise” in the morning can generate a wonderful energy for the rest of the day. To sum up, the Lonchant Technique is the easiest way to breathe life. (Lionel Da Silva, France)

What is needed to learn and practice the 15 postures is:

  • a mat ( gym or yoga) in a well ventilated place
  • a computer to visualize the videos and a printer as the course comes with PDF too
  • 10 to 30 minutes every day for 8 weeks
  • 30 minutes three times a week for six weeks
  • 30 minutes once a week for the rest of the year

How does it work?

  • You will first learn how to practice the 15 postures step-by-step over four weeks, from upper chest to general breathing using both videos and PDF files.
  • You will then follow a program of four intensive weeks and six stabilizing weeks of practice followed by a maintenance phase.

The technique is very “forgiving”; think about running or cycling to train your heart and keep fit.  If you miss a training day, you make up for it another day or you train longer the next day. The same applies with the the Breathing for a Better Life self learning course. However, Breathing for A Better Life is a course and it requires commitment, especially in the first 2 months.

Come and join us and breath for a better life!

Online breating, Lonchant technique I’ve joined the magic of true breath, and Dominique has given me the tools I need to find my physical base and inner balance, in my work as a professional singer and actress. Physical base gives me strength and energy, and inner balance gives me the power to believe. (Nicoline Siff Møller, Singer and actress, Denmark)

If you want to understand why breathing is so vital to our well-being, visit our section the Science of Breathing with interviews from Pr Paul Johnson.

Lonchant Technique self-learning program “Breathing for A Better Life” includes:

  • 15 postures for a full reformatting of the rib cage
  • Re-training of the breathing system
  • 4 postures for the lower chest
  • 4 postures for the middle chest
  • 4 postures for the upper chest
  • 3 Postures for the general breathing
  • Streaming Videos available at all time
  • PDF files explaining all postures
  • PDF file for year long program
  • In addition, learn the amazing Six Breaths technique
  • and the Rhythmic breathing or savitri pranayama
I am a High School English Teacher in an International School in Malaysia and a singer. When I started practicing with Dominique,  I was able to perform in a highly intense musical, singing while dancing without panting or going out of breath. I could even sing notes I never thought before possible! Simply amazing. (Norensha Sahari, Singapore)