Free Membership

The Free Membership zone is designed to further your experience of the Lonchant Techniques.

There is no cost attached and no credit card number required. You will simply need to sign-up into

Free Membership is based on the postures included in Free Trial with the addition of a cleansing breath posture as well as three targeted breathing postures:

  1. One for the Upper Chest
  2. One for the Middle Chest
  3. One for the lower Chest

These carefully selected seven postures will give you a true experience of the effectiveness of the Lonchant Techniques in developing and improving your breathing system.

Once practice regularly, the benefits will stay with you for life.

The program comes with a downloadable PDF form to make it simple and easy to follow over the course of the weeks.

You can join directly Free Membership without experiencing the Free Trial program first. In fact we strongly recommend you do so, as it is a more complete program and the impact on your wellbeing is greater.

To sign up for free membership please click here.

Remember, it is free!

Watch the Skype interview of Prof. Johnson talking about the advantages of practicing the Lonchant Techniques.


Prof. Paul Johnson – About The Lonchant Techniques video:


Thanks you, join us and breath for a better life!